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Shunkosha is a specialized advertising agency for outdoor advertising. We started as an advertising agency handling the first underground subway advertisement in the Orient in 1927. Since then, we have expanded our scope beyond subway and rail advertisements to include a wide range of advertising media such as buses, taxis, digital billboards, and walls capes. As professionals in outdoor advertising, we offer our clients and agency partners in providing the best outdoor media to meet their budget and strategic goals.

Introduction to OOH in Japan

JR Line: Shinjuku Wall 456

A digital live board with a length of 45.6 meters located in the east-west free passage of JR Line Shinjuku Station. Shinjuku Station has the highest number of users among JR stations and is an area with a large number of business layer and students.

Tokyu Line: Dento Big Signage Premium

A digital live board with a length of approximately 25 meters located near the ticket gates of Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line Shibuya Station. It is located near Shibuya Hachiko Square, where there is always a steady stream of people. It is particularly effective for targeting women in their 10s to early 30s.

Tokyo Metro: Shibuya 55 Street Screen

A digital live board consisting of 12 screens with a screen size of approximately 94 inches each, located near the central ticket gate of Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station. It is placed in the crowded concourse with visitors to Shibuya and transfer passengers. It is particularly effective for targeting women in their 10s to early 30s.

Osaka Metro: Umeda Arch Screen

A digital live board with a length of 40 meters located on the platforms of Osaka Metro Umeda Station. Umeda Station is known for a representative downtown and office district in Osaka. When advertising in Osaka, it is a location that cannot be overlooked.

In-Train Jack Media: Chartered Trains

This media allows you to take over all of the advertising space of one car. It can be implemented on almost all railway lines . Since it is an exclusive arrangement for one train set, it can create "brand worldview" and provide "high impact" to passengers.

Digital Billboard: Shibuya 5-Face Synchronized

A plan that allows simultaneous broadcasting on five large digital screens facing Shibuya Hachiko Intersection. It is well-known for movies and other media, and the screens are displayed in a large format at that intersection. It is frequently used for news footage, and it attracts a lot of attention.

Digital Billboard: Cross Shinjuku Screen

A large digital billboard located in front of the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station that can display 3D images. Shinjuku is an area with a high volume of pedestrian traffic throughout the day, regardless of weekdays or weekends. It is an area that can appeal to a wide range of business layer in their 20s to 50s, rather than families.

Digital Billboard: OMOSAN Synchronized

A plan that allows simultaneous broadcasting on three screens facing an intersection near Omotesando Station. Since there are few digital media in the surrounding area, it is a highly visible medium at a busy intersection with heavy traffic. Omotesando is an information dissemination area with "high-end brands" and "select shops."

Our work

Shunkosha Corporation has a track record of conducting business with numerous international companies.

Below is an example of an iHerb traffic ad we worked on.

Hachiko Board

▲iHerb_Hachiko Board

▲iHerb_shinbashi_digital signage

Below is an example of an Baron Philippe de Rothschild Orient Digital Billboard ad we worked on.

▲Baron Philippe de Rothschild Orient_Digital Billboard: Shibuya 5-Face Synchronized

Regarding English media materials

When considering our proposal, we can provide advertising materials in English.

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